Monday, July 10, 2017

Congratulations to the Stainless Steelers.  

In a tough game, the Steelers won on a walk off double to win 5-4.  

Thursday, June 29, 2017

playoffs - and then there were 5.

Thursday, June 29         5:30          Game 7    Magic vs SWAT (winner plays at 8:30 tonight)
Thursday, June 29         7:00          Game 8     Waves vs Hitters
Thursday, June 29        8:30           Game 9    Steelers vs W7
                    If Game 9 is won by W7:              If Game 9 is won by W6:

Friday, June 30 7:00            Game 10 W8 vs L9               Game 10 W8 vs W9
Friday, June 30 8:30            Game 11 W10 vs W9          Game 11 W10 vs L10
                                                                                           if necessary

Monday, June 26, 2017

Playoffs Schedule

     Tuesday, June 27
Game 1
Hitters vs SWAT

Game 2
Girl Power vs Waves

Game 3
Mint Magic vs Steelers
Wednesday, June 28
Game 4
L2 vs L3 (loser game2 vs loser game3)

Game 5
W2 vs L1

Game 6
W1 vs W3
If Game 5 is won by W2:

If Game 5 is won by L1:

Game 7 W4 vs L6          Thursday, June 29         5:30                         Game 7         W4 vs W5
Game 8 W5 vs W6        Thursday, June 29         7:00                         Game 8          L5 vs L6
Game 9 W7 vs L8          Thursday, June 29        8:30                        Game 9         W6 vs W7

If Game 9 is won by W7:
If Game 9 is won by W6:

Game 10 W8 vs W9             Friday, June 30 7:00    Game 10 W8 vs L9             Game 10 W8 vs W9
Game 11 W10 vs L10          Friday, June 30 8:30    Game 11 W10 vs W9        Game 11 W10 vs L10
if necessary                                                                                                                       if necessary

 Higher seeded team will have home team option unless it has lost a game, in which case coin toss will be used.

Time Limit: 5 innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes (whichever occurs first). Extra innings will be played as necessary if game is tied. Extra innings do not count against a pitcher’s inning total. No per inning run limit in playoffs. 10 run rule after three innings. All playoff games, except the true championship game, are subject to the pitching limit rule. A true championship game is defined as that playoff game which, regardless of the outcome, is the absolute last game of the playoffs (Game 11 only). Teams may use any player as pitcher as long as they want in the true championship game. All other league rules remain the same.